It's been too long

I haven't spent time with my mate, Dootrule, for months.  It was great to catch up with him today. He had much to share; some uplifting.  Was good to catch up with Trace too, his missus.  

We visited a curator of his art, and delivered to her a whole heap of his latest work.  I was proud that in his bag of work he carries photo books we have made of him, his people and his art.

Once again, he was generous in letting me hound him with my camera, and I got to make these portraits.  I have submitted some to the Canadian based stock photo cooperative of which I am a member, Stocksy United, and most have already been accepted into their library.  

Pia and John

I have known John for many years from the days that he lived in an institution in the 80s.  He now lives in his own home with some mates getting the support he needs from people he likes.

This photo shows him with one of these people, Pia, having a sing-a-long in his lounge room, with Pia holding the chords while John strums.

My stock photos of People with an Intellectual Disability can be licensed for personal use at no cost or for commercial use at my stock photography website: