Unity Fashion & Accessories

"... I have been wrestling with my History all my life – I am an Aboriginal Australian who grew up in a time (I am 56) where Racism was accepted, it was normal. Aboriginal Australians were ‘Boongs’, ‘Coons’, ‘Blackfella’s’.
My Dad, Colin Lester was forcibly taken from his Mother as a baby as his birth Father was White. He was placed in Colebrook Home – run by the Salvation Army. Here he was brought up under a strict regime and probably never saw my Grandmother again – luckily he was with his 5 siblings..."

-Kym Lester (2016)

Belonging - Has pushed me to start a brand - Unity, Unity Fashion and Accessories

Kym Lester has launched a premium brand of scarves and accessories that draw on his heritage.  I am honoured that he chose my images to feature on these exquisite silk scarves that will be retailed worldwide by exclusive fashion outlets.

Kym and I met today, where he showed me the scarves and told me his moving story as an Aboriginal Australian who has only in his later life embraced his heritage.  His creative work is enabling him to heal, and I was humbled to hear how the work that I have done with the Aboriginal models that feature in my photography has played a part in this process.

Source: http://unityfashionandaccessories.com/belonging-has-taught-me-to-start-a-brand/