Walking in Nature

I listen to a podcast called "The Savvy Psychologist" by Ellen Hendriqsen.  I find her to be an entertaining gatekeeper of evidence-based findings in the psychological literature.  In her 100th episode she related five tips for a happier life.  One of them I found very interesting.  A 2015 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that walks in nature led to improvements in happiness as a result of such walks leading to a reduction in rumination.  When participants went on the same 90-minute walks in urban settings, the researchers found no such effects.  The results were based on the self-reports of participants but also brain imaging which found decreased activity in the part of the brain (the subgenual prefrontal cortex - wherever the hell that is!) linked to unhealthy rumination.

Maybe that's why I am so drawn to landscape photography in our beautiful Victorian countryside.  I find it meditative and sometimes get to experience the elusive "zone" while immersing myself in the activity. 

Here's some snaps from Monday and Tuesday this week when I went on my monthly visit to a farm in the beautiful, but oddly named, Lurg.