Did I tell you about Interchange's (Outer East) work at Lurg?

Matt Howard and Geoff Slaughter deserve a medal.  Matt works for Interchange Outer East and every month he transports, mentors and has a great time with people with a disability who work at a farm in Lurg.  Matt is a quiet, gentle, respectful, hard-working young man, and his dedication is unsurpassed.  His skill at promoting the engagement of all of the participants is quietly unobtrusive, natural and a pleasure to witness.  

Geoff is the owner of the horse stud, who coaches and challenges the men to work in the invigorating open air doing what any farm-hand would do.  He is a bit of a rough diamond, has the respect of the participants and delights in their growing skill and self-esteem.  He's also a pretty talented painter!

And I get to take photos of all of this!  

Here's a sample.

Some of these photos, and others I took on the day, are already available for licensing at my Stock Photography website while others are in the inspection queue at my agencies here and here