Sure, Max loved the camera, but he was really excited about the deadcat on the microphone!  

I photographed Max and his family about a year ago so I could add to my collection of portraits of people with a disability for my stock photography library (which you can find here and here).

Today I was with Max and his family to gather some commissioned video footage for the Tizard Centre’s revision of their ground breaking Person-Centred Active Support Training Pack.

Person-Centred Active Support is all about promoting meaningful engagement in people with a developmental disability, by finding and creating opportunities and skilfully supporting the person.  To date it has been aimed mostly at the support workers of adults with a disability.

Now the authors, Julie Beadle-Brown and Bev Ashman, are extending this approach to include children with developmental disabilities and their families.

And what better exponents are there of the value of engagement, and how to skilfully promote it than Max and his family?

In a later post, I will show you the videos, but for now here’s some photos I managed to get of Max and his wonderful family.

If you are interested in licensing any of these, or other similar stock images, you can do so at my website, or at Stocksy United (I have different images at both sites).