Getting up at 5.30am on both mornings in the charming seaside town of Cobh, I strolled to the town centre and just wandered; waiting for the early morning light to transform the place.  

I first encountered Frank when he said it was a lovely morning to take photos.  I told him I had just photographed a cat in a window, and he laughed.  He said he had seen me pointing my camera into a window and wondered what I was taking a photo of.  Then he turned and was on his way again.

I crossed the street, and photographed him outside a pub called Connie Doolan's.  He then called me over and explained in detail how his mate bought the pub for a steal.  He said it was a great establishment and asked if I drank.  When I said I didn’t he asked what was wrong with me, and then said I should still go and say “Frank, sent ya”.  He then went off laughing and saying something about me not drinking.