Tanya & Jaret

Starting at Greensborough, then to the frenzy and festivities out at Wollert, on to Essendon, followed by the North Fitzroy Town Hall, the Napier Pub ("absolutely no photography" - what's up their arses?!), and finishing at the Melbourne Town Hall, this was Tanya and Jaret's Wedding Day.

Resolutely relaxed (they both told me that they slept better than me the night before), they were determined to drink in all the day offered.  

And for a photographer who loves the combination of reds and greens, Vanessa and Stephanie's emerald gowns were perfect!  As were they.  Hey, great job by you blokes too, Sean and Ben.

Without a doubt, the Greek traditions that were infused throughout the day made it memorable.  The photos hopefully encapsulate the emotion and events of the day.