Stuck in Barrow Creek

After doing some work in Alice Springs I got a hire car from Alice to drive to Tennant Creek for the next job. About six or seven hours into it, I got out of the car for a stroll up a hill (in the first photo you can see the car parked off in the distance). 

When I got back to the car I realised I lost the keys. First time ever in my life. I tried to retrace my steps. No good. The situation: car locked, no water, singlet and shorts, no sun screen, middle of nowhere. An hour or so later luckily I flagged down a car, and they drove me to the nearest "town" at Barrow Creek. The town was a pub. 

Before ringing Hertz, the lone patron of the pub came up with a plan that would mean I could claim I was not at fault. He implored me to go with him in his ute back to the car, break into it, hot wire it, and drive it over a cliff. He said I could then say it was stolen after I stopped at the pub for a drink. He was perplexed as to why I wouldn't (adding to his puzzlement over "why the f---k would you lock it up in the first place?")

Instead I rang Hertz in Alice and they said they didn't have a spare key, and had to send a tow truck up to bring it back to Alice (probably about a 12 hour round trip) and so I was stuck there overnight. They said I would have to pay ($1000+) coz it was my fault. 

Quite the experience.