An Ordinary Life

John O'Brien, a leader in the field of disability, once included "Dignity and Respect" amongst the five critical accomplishments for services dedicated to supporting people with a disability.  

As well as being a photographer, I work at trying to help services improve.  In this role, when I ask people working in such services what they aspire to in life, they rarely mention things that would fall squarely in this category.  No one says, "I want people to say hello or at least acknowledge my presence when they visit," or "I want to live a life where people don't talk about me in the third person, as if I am not there".  But people with a disability cannot take these things for granted.

Beyond these simple human decencies, however, people with a disability are truly afforded respect and dignity in their lives when they are extended opportunities and support to live the ordinary lives other citizens, like me, take for granted.  

This is what I try to depict in my portraits of people with a disability in my stock photography.  These and many more photographs can be licensed for personal or commercial purposes at my stock photo website.