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Walking in with his parents and brother, Lachlan looks a bit wary.  We are all in the holiday house my family and I are staying at in Portarlington for a wedding I will be photographing on the coming weekend.  It's quite crowded for Lachlan now with not only his parents, Joel and Marie, present, but also an aunt and family friend.  He is settling a bit now. That is until the 6-month-old owner of the toys he is playing with comes home with his mum, grandmum and aunty.  Jimmy looks towards me seemingly wondering why his grandad (me) has suddenly made so many new friends.

Before I know it, everyone is feeling a bit more comfortable and I start to photograph Lachlan, then Lachlan and his dad, and then Lachlan with both his parents.  He is really warming to this new role as a model.  

Off we go then to the Portarlington pier and he is soon acting as though I'm no longer there, despite following him with a couple of cameras and a hand held flash fitted with a light diffuser.  

What an enjoyable session with a loving family and their loveable, loved boys.

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