Dubai & Amsterdam

I am in Europe for a few weeks and took my X100s and X20.  It is a real pleasure not being weighed down by my DSLR equipment. 


Brigit wasn't happy.  I just said thank you with a smile and walked away.

My sister looking all the bit a stock photo model.  Thanks Susi!

Very Dutch looking man walking into the beautifully lit little section of a back alley. 

Surprisingly, this one only took a few seconds.  He was an interesting looking bloke, so I sidled up to his side, hoping something interesting involving him would happen.  It did almost instantly.

On the other hand, these were the laziest pigeons I have encountered.  They nestled all over the statue refusing to fly.  Eventually two did.

These three were beautifully arranged.  

What the hell - everyone takes photos of cats, why not me?

Always like to get these motion blur shots, and in this setting it was all the more fun.

When it started to rain in the early morning, I think I was the only person who was pleased.  Umbrellas, water on cobblestones and reflections - who could ask for more?

This was when I was walking the old section of Amsterdam for the first time getting my bearings.

There's so many of them that they sort of define the place. 

Just some signs that tickled my fancy.