Stocksy - At last, an artistic stock image library.

I am uploading more photos from my collection to Stocksy.  I am re-inspired by their policy of creating a library of stock photos that don't look like stock photos.  That means I can actually make them look how I want them to look and not be barred from adding my creativity.  It means I can even include photos like the first one below of Galen.  I wouldn't have even tried to get that one past the inspectors at iStockphoto, knowing it would be rejected because of their old stand-by, "Harsh lighting with blown-out highlights that lack details and/or distracting shadows."

I am also uploading the same photos to my Indigenous Australian Portrait gallery at my own website.  You can purchase them from there too.

Galen with those harsh shadows that would have made the iStockphoto inspectors choke and splutter.

Alana giving me that look that means, "This is the last one you're taking today"


Alana and Galen