First Peoples Exhibition, Museum Victoria

I'm very proud and excited to let you know that I was asked by Museum Victoria for permission to use two of the photos I have made.

Museum Victoria is currently working on the redevelopment of Bunjilaka, the museum’s Aboriginal Cultural Centre, with a new exhibition titled First Peoples opening in mid 2013.

A section of the exhibition titled Generations will contain an image gallery showcasing historical and contemporary photographs of the Victorian Aboriginal Community from the 1850’s to today.  Presenting community stories and voices, it will be a space where audiences can connect with the Victorian Aboriginal community and develop an understanding of Koorie identity.

First Peoples is a permanent exhibition at Melbourne Museum and will run for approximately ten years.

Museum Victoria is working in collaboration with relevant Aboriginal individuals, communities and groups to select and advise on image content for Generations. Bunjilaka project staff have been in contact with Ringo and  Dootrule who have both endorsed the use of these images in the exhibition. 

Ringo on Survival Day 2010

Dootrule, Wurundjeri Elder, 2012