David has now passed away. He was a favourite model of mine (despite barracking for Collingwood), and someone I had known for many years. I was asked by an agency in NZ for photos of people with a disability that they could use exclusively. This led me back through my library. For a long while I asked Dave to simply pose while I made a portrait. But more recently I asked him if he could do things. "Like what?" he'd ask. I said anything he normally does. He couldn't come up with any suggestions so I'd say something like, "how about making sandwiches?" "Alright, I never done that but". Here he is in one of the many shots of him doing stuff, often for the first time. His pleasure in being engaged in this way was written clearly on his expressive face. It is a legacy he has left for other people with a disability as his photos are used around the world to display how important engagement is for all of us.