Grandchildren and Christmas

I used to think that photographing landscapes and capturing moments involving people from other cultures was where I would experience the pinnacle of my photographic life.  With this came the thought that family events will give me valuable practice opportunities that will hone my skills for when I get to experience exotic locations.  But then I realised I had it all upside down.  After all, the amount of jaw-dropping landscape photography, and arresting travel, humanitarian, and documentary photography is never ending.  There is no shortage of people out there doing this work.   But how many are memorialising the people, relationships, moments and events involving my family in ways that are emotional and beautiful?  Not me yet, but working on getting there is such fun and will result in images that are more important to my family members than any photograph of a whale breaching, sunrise, mountain reflected in a still lake, or street scene in another country will ever be!