Yesterday Sharon took her new caravan down to Angelsea.  It was her first trip in the new van and so she wanted me to come along.  When we got there, despite there being a hazy cloud cover, I wandered down to the beach in a "what the hell" mood.  I started by the rocks, and took a few frames but there was nothing really inspiring about the light, and my attempts at getting a good composition were pretty dismal.  I thought I would walk back a different way, and around the corner I found that the usual straight estuary had formed an S-curve.  A little later and the sun falling behind a hill caused the clouds and sky to glow for just a few minutes with a remarkable red/orange/pink hue while the sky turned pastel purple.

This last one I made with a 2 ½ minute exposure and wanted to show how the remnants of the day's activities get washed away by the quiet stillness of night.