I am a husband, father, grandfather and lover of photography.  I work both as a psychologist and photographer.  I am an invited photographer at a stock agency called Stocksy United.  Here's a link to my portfolio: stocksy.com/GaryRadler

I will strive to deliver photographs to you that will take your breath away.  I want you to feel joy when you look at them.  No matter how often.  In years to come I want them to bring cherished memories flooding back, evoking the smells, sounds and feel of the life you are now enjoying together.  I want you to be moved, to cry, to laugh.  I don't, absolutely don't, want you to think, "Oh yeah, these are from that photo session."

If you are not satisfied with your photographs, don't think that they will achieve what I hope they will achieve, then I will provide a full refund.

My email address is gary@garyradlerphoto.com

You can also contact me on 0417 340 994.

I am based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia