Children live in the moment.  At their happiest, they are spontaneous, impulsive, energetic, spirited and vibrant.  

I love the challenge of capturing these qualities in images.  My goal is to provide you with images that you will treasure, images that will make you smile with an inner glow and even shed a contented and proud tear.

My approach is not traditional.  I want to capture those treasured moments that you witness in your life with your children when you say with regret, “If only I had a camera.” 

For this reason, I do not take posed and traditional shots in a studio.  Instead it is in the park, on a train, in your backyard, at a picnic and in other settings that you and your children enjoy your lives together that I want to be with my camera.

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You can also contact me on 0417 340 994.

I am based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia